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Calvin Klein Cosmetics

Jeff Wilson
Director of IT Systems
Calvin Klein Cosmetics Company

ICSoftware has worked for Calvin Klein Cosmetics Company for the past two years. They  were the main programmer, on a very sophisticated tracking system for our business written in Visual Basic and utilizing an Oracle database. This was a very difficult system to work on for many reasons. The specifications were vague, the user was difficult, and there was a tremendous amount of pressure to complete it quickly. ICSoftware was able to handle all aspects of the design and coding in an outstanding manner.

Many of the solutions that ICsoftware came up with were original and creative. There were times when they came up with a solution that the user did not prefer, and they were able to suggest new ways that would better accomplish exactly what the user requested. Some of these solutions even involved software components that they had not worked with previously. But ICSoftware was able to quickly learn them and utilize them in the most effective ways.

They not only had to work very hard on this project, but were called in to work on another high priority project at the same time. And even though the other project was for another director in our IT department, they were still able to properly manage the work between the two projects in order to get both done. Although I had not requested much documentation during the project, when we completed the first phase of the project ICSoftware presented me with an outstanding book of documentation on the programming details of the system including database specifications. It was very clear and quite professional.

ICSoftware have been a strong asset to Calvin Klein Cosmetics since they have been contracted here, and I would not hesitate ti recommend them as consultants for Visual Basic and Oracle. Our system was written in VB 5.0, but has since been converted by ICSoftware to VB 6.0.


Jeff Wilson,
Director of IT Systems

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