About Us

ICSoftware, Inc. is a software development company committed to being one of the premier software solution providers in the Client/Server and Internet/Intranet arenas. We provide custom solutions to unique problems in the business world On-Time and On-Budget. In addition to enhancing our consulting abilities, our experience in developing business solutions has also allowed us to develop several software packages for resale including, the Volume And Manpower Planning System (VAMPS), the Fire And Rescue Event Tracker (FARE/Trax) and DentaScript.

Consulting Services

ICSoftware specializes in developing Client/Server and Internet/Intranet software solutions to a wide variety of business problems. For additional information, please look at a list of recent ICSoftware projects.

Web Design

ICSoftware is proud to have one of the first 1000 commercial web sites on-line. We realized the potential of the internet early and our web site was started in June of 1994

ICSoftware was founded to provide Client/Server software solutions to complex business problems. With the growth of the Internet and the World-Wide-Web, we have taken development techniques matured in the Client/Server world and moved them to our web efforts.

Comments and Feedback

If you have any comments about our Web site, we'd like to know. We're always trying to improve this site and your feedbackis invaluable to us. People forget that a creating and maintaining a Web Site is a form of software development and user input plays a large part in this and any other software development effort. Send your comments (both good and bad) to webmaster@icsoftware.com.

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